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buy silver oxide 357 watch battery replacement

At we sell one thing and one thing only. High quality Silver Oxide 357/SR44 button cell replacement batteries. You know, those small round batteries that make our watches, insulin pumps, calculators, cameras, laser pointers, kids toys and a bunch of other devices run?

brand name sr44 better then lr44Do not confuse these long life SR44 Silver Oxide batteries with the cheaper (and in my opinion, garbage LR44) alkaline version. These SR44 Silver Oxide batteries last up to 5 times as long as the LR44 alkaline version. Better for the environment, better for your pocket book. These SR44/357 Silver Oxide batteries are designed for use on continuous low drain with high pulse drain on demand.

These high quality Brand Name Silver Oxide 357/SR44 button cell replacement batteries are compatible with a large number of other battery types

If you know your battery is a 357 / SR44 / LR44, or your battery part number is on the list to the right, then these replacements are the battery for you !!!

So, why should you buy your SR44 batteries from us? The answer is simple!


How reduced?

These silver oxide batteries sell for more than $6 each on some well known web sites. We are offering them to you at a fraction of that cost!

You can purchase these same name brand batteries for as little as $1.10 each! Now you can have 5 batteries for the same amount you will spend on a single retail packed battery at those other sites!

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high drain not lr44 hearing aid battery
sr44 sr44w silver oxide battery info Product Specifications
 buy camera batteries sr44 357
Brand: 357/SR44
Chemical Comp.: Silver Oxide
Designation: ANSI/NEDA-1131SO, IEC-SR44
Voltage: 1.55 Volts
Avg. Weight: 2.3 grams (.08 oz.)
Avg. Service Capacity (to 1.3 Volt): 175 mAh
Shelf Life: five (5) years

watch batteries sr44 brand name Manufacturer P/N Cross-Reference
low cost brand name battery
Energizer 357/SR44
Mitutoyo Part# 541980
Duracell: D357/303
Rayovac: 357
Panasonic: SP357
Renata: 357
Sony: SR44W
Toshiba: SR44W
Varta: V357
Maxell: SR44W
GoldPeak: 357
Timex: J
AWI: S05
Bulova: 228
Seiko: SR44W
Other: EPX76/S76, GS13/GP57


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